You’re a badass in all areas of your business…

except taxes.

Taxes bring you down. You don’t understand them. You haven’t done your bookkeeping all year so there’s also this weight of overwhelming work and tedious organization that needs to be done.

Even when you hand off your taxes to someone else, they ask you for data that you just don’t have.

Now that your business is starting to really take off, you know deep down that you have to get on top of this. As a business owner, you have to pay taxes and you are in the dark because you have NO IDEA what that tax bill is going to look like.

This energy creates serious kinks in the flow of your business. Now, you’ve gotta stop what you’re doing, make time for all this—none of which is in alignment, none of which feels easy like the rest of your business.

It’s taking precious energy away from the areas in your business that feel good. The money making parts.

But what if knowing your tax bill and having it all organized every time could be easy?

What if you could just have a simple way to consistently keep track of your finances so it didn’t have to be some daunting task?

What if you could just easily know in advance what your tax bill will be so that at least you can plan for it?

What if you could easily understand the deductions that you qualify for so that you can stop googling shit all damn day?

There actually is. And it’s within Taxes: Simplified.

This program is specifically designed to educate new business owners on everything that the IRS expects them to understand and to make all of this really really SIMPLE.

As a business owner, taxes are part of the game. Here’s the thing. As an employee, you get a paycheck and you get your tax withheld (aka you prepay taxes to the government) so when tax season comes, your tax bill maybe isn’t that high and you might even get a refund.

But as a business owner, you will never get a refund.

Why? Because you don’t prepay your taxes. You go the entire year not giving a dime to the IRS and so of course when tax season rolls around, you have to pay. And the shitty part is you literally have NO IDEA just how big that bill is going to be.

Giving yourself a simple tax strategy to follow throughout the year gets rid of this worry, this fear, this overwhelm.

We all know that when you’re in a place of worry and fear, you are not able to manifest and you’re out of alignment and this energy absolutely impacts the success of your business.

So instead of wondering and worrying how much your tax bill is, make a thing where you just know how much your tax bill is—and where you get to lower it strategically.

It gets to be that easy.

Having an intentionally lower tax bill is so much better than being confused and overwhelmed.

I know you just want to hand it off and completely avoid it, but there are two truths to look at here:

1. anyone can become a tax preparer—there’s no test, there’s no educational requirement. All anyone has to do is just sign up, so if you are going to hand it off, make sure you do your due diligence.

2. EVEN IF you hand it off, you need to have your finances organized and you need to have a basic understanding of what your tax liability is throughout the year as a successful business owner.

So, regardless as to whether you outsource your tax prep or you use a DIY software, you need to understand the rules, the deductions you qualify for, and most importantly—how to estimate your tax liability WITH EASE.

Taxes are a non-negotiable.

Making this confusing and overwhelming is optional.

Within TAXES: Simplified, we review exactly all the topics that you are obligated to understand as a business owner:

  • Which business structure is right for you.
  • What deductions you qualify for.
  • The #1 easiest way to organize your income & expenses for taxes.
  • How to strategically estimate AND LOWER your tax liability.
  • What the freak is an S-Corp and should you become one?
  • BONUS TOPIC: 1099s: who needs one and what are they?
  • BONUS TOPIC: How and when to send quarterly estimated tax payments.
  • BONUS TOPIC: Industry specific tax guidance for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Etsy Shops & Online Boutiques, Direct Sales Reps, and Online Coaches.

You get all of this within three easy to follow modules PLUS you get an income & expense tracker, a tax bill calculator, and a tax prep checklist included for free.

OH, AND you get LIFETIME ACCESS, which means every year when things change and you are like what the hell is going on now?!? You’ll be the first to know what’s new and how to navigate the changes.

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I’ll be honest. I also hate taxes. I hate them just as much as I once hated figuring out social media management, let’s be real. To me, social media management was a source of stress for me. But once I learned what to do and what not to do and how to make my own strategy, it suddenly became easy.

And that’s exactly what happens when you learn taxes. This is so not some in depth crazy complicated tax 101 class for you to leave here with your masters in taxation. It’s a simple and comprehensive training to give entrepreneurs the tools and the knowledge they need to be able to navigate this whole tax side of business with ease.

You’re deadass serious about the success of your business. And so, taxes aren’t going anywhere. The bigger you grow, the more money you make, the higher that tax bill is going to get. The earlier you make friends with taxes and learn how to make them your bitch (LOL, kidding, kind-of), the less you will pay overall. We all want a lower tax bill, but let’s be real—if you don’t have a clue what you’re doing, the IRS will take advantage of you. So let’s flip the script and instead take advantage of the IRS and make sure that you max out all your deductions and keep that bill stupid low.

You’re not going to lower your tax bill by wandering around blindfolded and in the dark. You’re only going to lower it with strategy, knowledge, and easy to use tools.

It’s time to be a badass in ALL areas of your business—including taxes.

About Alexis

Alexis is a CPA, the founder of Advance Accounting, LLC, and the creator of BossLady Academy. She is dedicated to helping fast-growing businesses as well as startups to maximize their business profits. Using easy to understand methods, Alexis has helped women gain confidence in their business finances and has helped them scale to the next level. She provides comprehensive trainings and setup services for startups to be able to maintain their own accounting easily, and provides fast growing companies with complete outsourced solutions so they can focus on what they do best. Through her training and services, she saves entrepreneurs tons of time, money, and stress.


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