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To create indestructible abundance, you have to break the rules.

You can’t do things like everyone else and still expect to have the level of success that not everyone else has….

Being an entrepreneur is a pretty rebellious act to begin with.

But, most entrepreneurs fail.

Yet here you are, betting on you. Creating your own dream life. Making your own rules. Breaking down all the standards. Living outside of the box. You’re making it happen.

Except… when it comes to bookkeeping, accounting, tax, setting up your business properly, you’re a little lost.

Everyone starts a business with the best of intentions, but most don’t make it. Most entrepreneurs avoid their finances and once the money is gone, so is their business and their dream life.

How does this happen? How do so many entrepreneurs run out of money? It’s pretty simple:  they aren’t tracking their money. Why? Because it’s too overwhelming, there are too many contradictions, they don’t know where to start.

Here’s the biggest truth bomb: If you wanna have a successful business, you can’t be like most businesses.


PRICE JUMPS TO $139 SOON! Use the code: REBEL to get over 65% off! Valid until the timer runs out!


Despite what you may have heard, there are no rules with your own money management.

Technically, when it comes to legally setting up your business and when it comes to taxes, there are rules—that we can’t change—but both of those topics are 5% of what matters.

What REALLY MATTERS is how you manage your money, how you track it.

You gotta do things differently—and learning the “rules” around money management is a rebellious thing to do. It’s the one thing that will actually give you the capability to BE rebellious and to live life on your own terms.

And then, of course, breaking all those rules and making your own freakin process is even more rebellious.

When you break the old school money management/bookkeeping/accounting rules, magic happens.

Learn the rules and then break them.

Learn how to manage your money with intent so that you can live that rebel life.

It’s impossible to live a rebel life when you feel scarcity or constraints around money.

Within The Rebel Babe Project, I use my expertise as a Certified Public Accountant to teach you what the rules are and what the rules are NOT.

LLC? DBA? S CORP? Don’t know the difference? Don’t know which one is for you?

We cover that in depth so that you can stop googling, stressing, and sifting through all this contradictory advice, and start making your own choices like the badass rebel that you are.

You don’t rely on others. You rely on you. You don’t wait for anyone. What are you waiting on when it comes to one of your most precious assets ever—your cash? It’s time for you to learn this once and for all because you deserve to understand your options and YOU get to decide what’s right for you.

PRICE JUMPS TO $139 SOON! Use the code: REBEL to get over 65% off! Valid until the timer runs out!


The next thing we’ll cover within The Rebel Babe Project is how to keep this simple.

Because when things are simple and easy and flowy and vibey…. You do them. And when you start forecasting on the regular, well, the sky is the limit now, rebel.

See, old school accountants want you to think that your bookkeeping is so complex, you’d absolutely have to shell out thousands every year for someone to handle it for you—and in a way that doesn’t even align with you, and in a way that you don’t even understand.

Sure, outsourcing your bookkeeping can be helpful, but until you’re at that 6 figure mark, it’s a waste of money 1000%.

Truth be told, bookkeeping for businesses that are making less than 6 figures is easy af. And it’s actually really important for you to screw all the rules and create your own bookkeeping procedure that aligns with your badass self instead of having some old school dude inject scarce energy into your numbers.

Attracting abundance by knowing how to make sense of your numbers and having the tools to make it easy and aligned is exactly what you get within The Rebel Babe Project.

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about accounting because I’m going to show you how to break the rules and make this make sense FOR YOU.

If it doesn’t make sense to you, it’s completely useless. But, when you have a bookkeeping process that makes sense, that feels aligned, that allows you to create energetically activated money goals—and helps you to actually hit those goals, THAT’S how you attract ABUNDANCE.

Here’s what you get within The Rebel Babe Project:

  • Part 1: Legal Structures. Understand taxes vs bookkeeping and which legal business structure is right for you.
  • Part 2: Forecasting. Download your automated, flexible, easy to use forecast and make your own freakin rules! Spend money the way you want, make badass aligned decisions, and know exactly how much cash you’ll have in the bank 6, 8, even 12 months from now—after all your expenses, after all your dream life purchases.
  • Part 3: The past. To understand the future, we have to go back in time. Download your amazingly effective and automated and of course, easy af to use, income and expense tracker so that you can break all the rules and make your own aligned money management process.
  • BONUS: Energetic Money Goals. Snag yourself the most badass daily sales tracker. This sales tracker is like no other—it integrates seamlessly with your forecast so that you can understand what your dream life costs and make money goals that are energetically activated. When you create money goals like this, you hit them every time.
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Stop feeling overwhelmed with your business finances because the truth is, there are no rules.

The most exciting thing you can do for your business is create your own rules.

It’s time to create money procedures that are aligned with your vibe, attract abundance in all areas of your life, and give you the FREEDOM to spend your money however tf you wanna spend it whenever tf you wanna spend it.

Just like the true rebel that you are.

PRICE JUMPS TO $139 SOON! Use the code: REBEL to get over 65% off! Valid until the timer runs out!


I’m a rebel to the core.

I can’t stand rules. I hate feeling restricted. I create success on my own terms. This doesn’t come without some degree of discipline, though. In order to be completely free to do whatever I wanna do whenever I wanna do it however I wanna do it, I can’t feel any energetic restrictions.

This means, I absolutely always 100% know how much cash I have in the bank, after my expenses, months in the future. And it’s this badass forecasting that I’ll show you how to do within The Rebel Babe Project.

I’ve been tracking my own money with ease since before I was even in college. Now, after graduating with both a Bachelors and Masters of accounting, having over a decade of experience with managing the books of multi million dollar companies, and after becoming a Certified Public Accountant, I’ve learned some seriously badass techniques for making money management work for everyone.

Although having a money management and bookkeeping/accounting strategy must be a very customized process, there is a specific framework and blueprint to follow and there are certain tools that, when combined with these trainings, allow you to create your very own bookkeeping process that aligns with you and fits into your lifestyle.

See, when it makes sense to you, that’s where the freedom comes from. How do I know this? Because I’ve lived it. I’ve manifested everything I want and then some simply because I know how much cash I have and precisely how much cash I want to be able to get the things I want.

When you understand your numbers, this clarity and confidence oozes over into all aspects of your life. When you finally feel NO RESTRICTIONS and finally GET RID of that scarcity mindset, when you’re finally able to feel in alignment with your money management process, you create abundance in ALL AREAS of your life.

Are you ready to live life on your own terms?

Are you ready to embody your true rebel soul?

Let’s do this.

Join the Rebel Babe Project to:

Understand which business structure is right for you.

Know exactly how much cash you’ll have in the bank 12 months from now.

Choose the best way to make your money work for you forever.

Stop wasting time dealing with information overload, confusion, and stress in trying to figure all of this out on your own.

And START tapping into your inner rebel to get it all into alignment once and for all.

Forget everything you’ve heard about accounting because I’m spilling all the secrets and breaking all the rules so that you can create your own rebel life.

Hello Freedom.

PRICE JUMPS TO $139 SOON! Use the code: REBEL to get over 65% off! Valid until the timer runs out!


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