About this Module:

1. Tax Classifications

2. S Corp Election

3. Tax Deductions

4. Book to Tax Reconciliation BONUS!

5. Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments

6. Calculating Estimated Tax Payments BONUS!

7. How to File

8. Independent Contractors vs Employees

9. The Last Video



Must follow tutorials in order!

7.0 Tax Classifications

Which one is for you?

7.1 S Corp Election

FINALLY the clarity you’ve been searching for.

7.2 Tax Deductions

Paying less taxes is always more fun.

BONUS! Book to Tax Reconciliation Spreadsheet!

Because easy and free is always better.

*Check out the new Taxes: Simplified program for the updated spreadsheet!!

7.3 Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments

The when and the how…

BONUS! How to Estimate Quarterly Tax Payments

The when and the how…

7.4 How to File

All your options in one place!

7.5 Independent Contractors vs Employees

What’s the difference?

7.6 The Last Video

What’s next?