About this Module:

1. Intro

2. Premium Income & Expense Tracker Template Setup

3. Coding your expenses

4. Analytics




Must follow tutorials in order!

4.0 Intro

Your achilles heel.

You absolutely MUST use Excel for these spreadsheets. They do not work in Numbers or Google Sheets at all. 

You can download Excel here.

(I personally recommend the Home & Student Edition since there is no subscription commitment).
Get the 2019 Version here: Service | Inventory

4.1 Setup

Spoiler alert… it’s pretty much the same as the budget template. YAY. Shortcut: Copy over your categories and viola!

*The inventory setup looks a little different. You can find the tutorial for that one here.

4.2 Maintaining your spreadsheet

Your new routine for success!

4.3 Accuracy is key

Without this, it’s all pointless.

4.4 Analytics

The fun part!