The #1 best and most comprehensive money program on the planet.

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Understanding where your cash is coming from and intentionally telling it where to go is the foundation for a beautifully aligned life and a sustainably successful business.

BLA is intentionally designed for the ladies who are serious about creating a sustainable and successful business. The ones who know deep down that they are destined for more—for greatness. They don’t do mediocre.

By now, you know I’m talking about you.

You show up for your clients, customers, and audiences. You give value. You’re different and do things your own way.

Your the rule breaker. You know that the reason you will get to where you want to go every single time no matter what is simply BECAUSE you break the rules and do things your own way.

You understand that things don’t just manifest without putting in the energetic work and the practical work.

Taking inspired action is an everyday thing for you. 

You don’t do things that are out of alignment.

So then why are you allowing your cash management to bring you down?

Within BossLady Academy, you’ll find easy to follow, easy to implement, and easy to maintain tools and procedures for keeping track of one of our most important resources in our lives—our money.

I provide a way for powerful women like you to feel inspired by your numbers—to use your numbers as a tool that helps you attain all of your goals.

You’ll understand how to make your cash management process work for you in a customized and aligned way so that you can create more abundance.

Getting clarity and confidence in your cash is the portal to abundance. This confidence clears money blocks. This empowered feeling allows you to be intentional with your sales goals and your investments.

Accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, and money management can all be really daunting and overwhelming but flipping this switch from having it be overwhelming to having it be easy is simply life changing. Making this powerful switch allows you to make intentional investments, keep more of your own money, create more abundance, help more people, and ultimately live your dream life.

Feeling confident and empowered about one of your most precious resources creates a powerful manifesting mindset that spills over into all aspects of your life.

You do what it takes every time. You put in the work every time. You get it done no matter what. And you achieve your goals every time.

Why is this any different?

There is no failure for you. There are only lessons and successes.

There’s no going back to a day job for you. There’s only manifesting your dream life, living life on your own terms, and intentionally designing a life that you love.

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Here’s what happens once you start feeling confident and empowered with your cash:

You help more people, you create more happiness and abundance for yourself and your family. This high vibe energy radiates into the world at a higher frequency, thus creating a beautiful and harmonious butterfly effect for the entire universe.

There’s a collective shift happening where people who have been marginalized are stepping into their power.

In the past, managing finances has been a complete enigma for so many women, but for the powerful and impactful women who learn exactly what needs to be done to create the business of their dreams—a business that is successful, but more importantly, a business that can SUSTAIN that success—for these powerful women, you included, you will change the world.

Arming women like you with the knowledge and tools for having the most effective and customized money management systems will massively impact your clients, your family, and the world in the most high vibe and positive way.

I hate to be a buzzkill, but the truth is if you don’t get your money figured out, you could really struggle.

Not feeling confident with your cash causes stress, low vibrations, and it’s energetically draining. These negative vibes certainly spill over into other areas of your life.

Instead of manifesting abundance, you’re stressing about money. You don’t have the clarity that you need to be able to make decisions that lead to sustainable success for your business, and it’s likely that you’ll run out of cash.

The worst case scenario here is that your business ultimately fails because you run out of money as a result of wasteful spending, sales goals that are not backed by energy or intention, and a lack of planning.

The best case scenario is that you’ll pay out the ass in taxes, make much less profit, incur large amounts of debt, experience slow & frustrating growth in your business, and go through painful and stressful lessons in the form of huge amounts of money paid to accountants, lawyers, and the IRS to get your money right.

You could be manifesting a beautiful life, but you’ll never truly step into your potential without having full clarity into your finances.

Not stepping into your full potential is not even an option so let’s make sure you rock this shit.

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Ok So What do you get?

MODULE 1: Getting Things Setup Right

  • How to correctly separate business and personal money.
  • How to register your business (DBA, LLC, etc.)

MODULE 2: Unlock The Capabilities

  • How to organize your revenue streams.
  • How to customize your chart of accounts.
  • How to assign your expense categories.

MODULE 3: Tend To Your Business

  • How to setup a budget with custom categories.
  • How to estimate future costs.
  • How to make informed decisions about the future.
  • Premium automated budget/forecast tool included.

MODULE 4: Without This You’ll Fall

  • How to create an effective and streamlined process for closing your books.
  • Steps for proper reconciliations and expense tracking.
  • Premium automated income & expense tracker included.

MODULE 5: Excel Is Life

  • How to properly analyze your financial data so that it is useful to you.
  • Understanding the basic functions of Microsoft Excel.
  • How to choose key performance indicators for your business, and understand what they mean for you.

MODULE 6: The Quickbooks Ocean

  • Learn which Quickbooks version is right for you and when you should migrate to a software.
  • How to properly customize your Quickbooks so that it provides the exact data you need.
  • Understanding your closing process in Quickbooks.

MODULE 7: Defeating Your Taxes

  • Understanding the difference between financial data for taxes and financial data for business operations. 
  • How to properly estimate and submit quarterly taxes.
  • Learn how to do your own taxes. 
  • Find out when you should become an S-Corp and how.
  • What you need to know about hiring people.
  • Bonus Tax Estimator spreadsheet so that your tax bill is never a surprise.



Money Mindset Hack Workbook: Learn exactly what to do to get your mindset in the right place for the Law of Attraction to work its magic.


Inventory Tracking Module + FREE Spreadsheet: Get an entire bonus module focused solely on inventory tracking and even get access to an automated inventory tracking spreadsheet for easy management.


Exclusive BossLady Printable Planner: The easiest way to stay on track and accountable with your business. Print it out or export it into your iPad (if you’re a digital planner) for an effective way to manage all the moving parts of your business!



Get immediate access to all of the modules, bonuses, and extra programs PLUS LIFETIME ACCESS to the entire Academy, lifetime technical support, and lifetime access to all updates and future programs!

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I’m Alexis and I’m a CPA for badass high achievers like you.

I have created customized cash management, bookkeeping, accounting, and tax systems and strategies for my entire decade-long career. In the corporate world, I worked for massively successful multi million dollar “small” businesses and in most of these companies, I was the only accountant. I implemented unique procedures that worked for me and provided insane amounts of value for the owners to create success in their business.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve helped countless business owners organize their finances, setup systems that are unique and customized to their own life and business, and empowered them to feel confident with their cash. This allows them to make intentional sales goals and better decisions when it comes to their investments.

My education and experience has led me to create accessible tools and trainings designed to help business owners to take control of their money in the most effective way. I know how money works. I know the energetics of it. I’ve tweaked and upgraded my systems throughout the years and I know from this testing and from the results my customers get–I know that these tools and trainings are the most thorough, in depth, productive, and easiest tools for business owners.

What do I know for sure?

I create the best programs and tools for business owners to take control of their cash and I teach it in a way that makes perfect sense.

No overwhelm.

No confusion.

Just value.

Got Questions?

Yes! Organizing your business money is step #1 in establishing a new company. If you’re just starting your business, BossLady Academy is most definitely exactly what you need to set yourself up for success.

Absolutely! As a growing business, it’s essential that you streamline your money management processes and learn exactly how to increase your profit margins. Streamlining your finances once and for all will keep more money in your pocket, allow you to spend your time more productively, and will make filing taxes a breeze. If you want to get rid of your financial headaches and scale your business easily, BossLady Academy is perfect for you.

You’ll need a computer with internet access. You’ll also need Microsoft Excel for some of the more badass tools. Quickbooks is not required, but it is an option, and if it’s the path you’d like to take after educating yourself on your options within the course, there’s a huge discount on that too!

It’s totally up to you! Because BossLady Academy is 100% online, you can go at your own pace! The best news, is that setting up your business using BossLady Academy’s step-by-step, click-by-click tutorials is sure to save you hundreds of hours, tons of headaches, and a lot of money!

For. Ever. Yep, lifetime access! Not only that, you ALSO get every single update we make to this course, and any additions FOR FREE! Lifetime access to current materials and lifetime access to updates. Yay! 

Yes! Send any and all questions to support@bossladyacademy.com and we will get them answered within 24 hours.

Yes! The cost of BossLady Academy is fully deductible as part of your business expenses.

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