BossLady Academy Programs

The best quick-start program for getting your finances organized FAST. Learn the exact strategies that you need to have in place, get access to exclusive tools including a printable workbook and an income & expense tracker. Binge watch this 90 minute masterclass to get easy strategies that give you sexy results.

Learn the foundations to create sustainable success for your new business. The Initiation gives you access to click by click tutorials showing you how to properly register your business, what you need to do first to have an amazingly easy bookkeeping process, how to organize your revenue & expenses, plus my favorite hack for separating your business and personal cash.

Bookkeeping is overwhelming if you don’t keep up with it. Cherry On Top provides you with easy to implement standard operating procedures to streamline your money management process so that you’re never behind with your numbers. These systems and process are the cherries on top of your cash, allowing you to get the information you need to run your business effectively.

Bookkeeping for the Soul provides spiritual entrepreneurs with bookkeeping strategies that melt away money blocks and call in abundance. This program alchemizes astrology, meditation, tarot, and spirituality with cashflow tools to get your cash aligned with your soul. With audios, money management trainings, guest expert coaching, and practical tools you’ll have intentionally aligned money habits.

Whether you’ve handed off your bookkeeping or you already have streamlined procedures in place, you still need to understand the data so that you can use your numbers for empowered decision making. Six Figure Sprinkles is an Excel masterclass teaching you how to properly analyze your cash, how to choose Key Performance Indicators, and how to create simple spreadsheets to improve your KPIs.

Reconciliations ensure that your bookkeeping is accurate. The problem is most business owners don’t know what this means or how to perform a reconciliation correctly. Balanced is the masterclass that teaches you how to balance your books no matter what tool you’re using to track your income & expenses. It’s the only program that gives you the tools and trainings to keep your books clean.

Everything you need to know as a freelancer to take your side gig to a full time career. Learn how to make sure that you’re taking advantage of all tax deductions available and that your business is setup properly. Freelance to Full Time is the masterclass that reviews specific topics for freelancers–like what a 1099 is, plus get the tools to setup an easy way to track your cash.

Cash Empire provides an easy way for you to run your business like a Queen. It is the only program that gives you access to the premium automated spreadsheets that have the capabilities to sustain your business to $500K and beyond. Learn how to use your numbers to make empowered decisions and take inspired action for the future success of your business. Also includes several BLA programs as a bonus!

I say it all the time: Softwares Suck for DIY bookkeeping. But if you’re someone who really wants to use QuickBooks, it’s time you learn how to use it correctly. In So. Extra., you’ll learn which software is right for you, how to customize it so that it provides you with the exact data you need in the way that makes sense for you, and how to maintain it. With click by click tutorials, you’ll be a QB pro in no time.

Most of the “rules” around money are made up and within The Rebel Babe Project, you’ll learn the difference between the actual rules and the made up ones so that you can create your own. Know which business structure is right for you–LLC, Sole Proprietor, S-Corp, understand how to create intentional sales goals, and learn how to use your numbers to make decisions for the future success of your business.

Network marketing is a successful career path for so many women, but plenty get stuck and give up because they are not tracking their income and expenses properly. Money Maker provides direct sales representatives everything they need to know about taxes and bookkeeping so that you and your team can start treating your business as a real business–that’s what it is, after all.

Having a product-based business means a lot more moving parts than a service based business. Within Pieces of Cake, you get the massively valuable premium spreadsheets that are available within Cash Empire, only they are custom-tailored to product based businesses with the capacity for tracking inventory as well as cost of goods sold. Also includes several BLA programs as a bonus!

Everything you need for taxes. Taxes: Simplified gives you in depth trainings plus an income & expense tracker to keep track of your deductions with ease, a tax bill calculator to estimate your taxes due, & a tax prep checklist to keep you accountable. Plus bonus trainings including 1099s, estimated tax payments, and industry specific guidance for coaches, online boutiques, spiritual entrepreneurs, & direct sales reps.

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